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Women in Business Logo

Women In Business, a Jacksonville, Florida based business, provides mastery & success coaching to female business owners and entrepreneurs.

The logo is a simple, flowing handwritten typographic solution that provides a certain personalization, warmth and
approachability that connects with the viewer. The use of minimal graphics, in this case the downward loop, keeps the focus on the motion of the look and overall message that it is conveying.

The downward loop symbolizes the “feedback loop” – the emphasis on all parts of a system changing to meet a value or goal, with each part contributing to the overall effect and having influence on whether this effect continues or not – which mirrors the process of coaching.

The deep purples of the logo provide a regal yet feminine appeal, combined with the warm fiery red tones of the loop that display strength and creativity. These bold color choices, partnered with medium grays, work to provide the balance necessary to project professionalism and poise while retaining the fundamental notion of motivation and inspiration for coaching, mentoring and teaching.