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Seniors on a Mission Case Study

Seniors on a Mission, a Jacksonville, Florida non-profit organization, has experienced a significant increase in donation revenue in the years following its visual rebrand.

Seniors on a Mission, Inc. (
Located in Jacksonville, Florida
Joanne Hickox, Founder & Executive Director

Seniors on a Mission exists to love and encourage independent – living senior citizens, enabling them to live longer, healthier, more grace and purpose-filled lives by providing day-long mission trips to local non-profit organizations. They find meaningful work, purpose, and friendships while lending their helping hands, engaged minds, and seasoned skill-sets to area charities and ministries.

Target Market & Clients
Senior adults, pastors & adult children of seniors.

Create a new cohesive brand identity and message while keeping the original integrity of the organization.

After a strategy session with the client, extensive research was conducted into developing a new look that incorporated the specific elements requested. It was a very collaborative process involving the client at every stage for input and approvals.

Tools Implemented
Organization visual rebrand, including logo design, brand development, multiple consultation services, print & marketing material development, and website design.

Logo Visual Study
b5The challenge was to design the logo within a specific set of parameters to preserve the integrity of the organization, which, at the time had a parent company. The client wanted a more “traditional” look to appeal to the more senior crowd while remaining professional and somewhat corporate. The incorporation of the dove carrying the olive branch represents peace and is a nod to the organization’s roots in the christian faith. The maroon color is used to symbolize sacrifice, courage and thoughtful action. The Goudy font family was chosen to solidify the traditional feel.

Other Visual Elements
A color scheme and background texture were created to carry the look through various print and online applications, including the organization’s website.

Tangible Results Since Implementation
• 30-50% increase in donation revenue.
• Served over 30 non-profit organizations.
• Donated over 9,000 hours of service (value over $211,000).
• Involved 275 area seniors.
• Close to 500,000 life touches in the Jacksonville community.

Intangible Results
• Cohesive and professional brand identity across multiple platforms.
• Better visibility in market.
• Very happy Board of Directors.
• 100% satisfaction.

Identity Brand + Design does exactly what they promise to do – and in a timely manner.
They are very creative, intuitive, yet responsive and open to input. They have great listening skills and
are willing to guide the client down the right path. I love their instincts, honesty and diversied skill-set!

– Joanne Hickox, Seniors on a Mission / Jacksonville, FL