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Physical Therapy Works Logo

Physical Therapy Works, located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida since 2006, is an advanced physical therapy and rehabilitation practice that specializes in a variety of treatment methods to accommodate patients with assorted conditions and disabilities. Each patient is carefully evaluated by the physical therapist to properly understand the specifics of their condition, and to determine the best method, or combination of methods, to resolve the identified problems.

The Physical Therapy Works logo is an update from the original logo. It uses a an artistic rendering of the human body in motion as its main identifier. The making of the arc represents forward motion, which symbolizes the forward process a patient makes while receiving therapy. The font family of Optima was chosen for its clean lines and modern, fresh feel. Paired with the handwritten font of Dancing Script for the tagline gives a more “personal touch”.

The warm color palette of red, orange and yellow tones were specifically requested by the client and work to deliver the soothing feelings of tranquility and patience, reminiscent of a sunrise shown in the form of the arc. Gray tones in the text work to ground the overall color palette.

In addition to website design & development, Identity Brand + Design has also worked with Physical Therapy Works on:
• Brand Development
• Website Design & Development
• Social Media Setup