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Peak Performance SportsZone logo

Peak Performance SportsZone, located in Fort Myers, Florida, is Southwest Florida’s largest indoor Baseball and Softball Training Facility.

The logo was created to emphasize the notion of high-intensity athletic training with the focus on baseball & softball. The word “SportsZone” is the main focal point and is set on an angle for movement. Circles draw the eye inward towards the “zone”. Varsity-style lettering and the use of a baseball further supports the sports feel.

Blues and golds combine with slight touches of red for a fun, bold palette. Slight metallics, gradients, and dropshadows are added to give more dimension and depth. The white of the baseball draws the eye inward.

In addition to custom logo design & development, Identity Brand + Design has also worked with Peak Performance SportsZone on:
• Business Name Development
• Business Cards
• Print Advertising