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Pacific Christian Senior Services Logo

Pacific Christian Senior Services (PCSS) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing quality care and housing to meet the ongoing and changing needs of seniors.

In need of an image overhaul, PCSS requested a new logo and tagline to serve as their corporate identity, as well as to define their purpose and connect with the senior community.

The look of the logo symbolizes three distinct ideas. One, the cross, as a nod to Christianity which is the basis of the organization. Two, a compass, which serves to guide one in the right direction… and in this case, to the organization. And three, the waves of the ocean, that represent the four stages of care: independent living, skilled nursing, assisted living, and memory care.

The tagline was created as a direct play off of the logo symbolization of the compass/cross… helping to guide or lead one in the right direction – and being the leader in the retirement living industry that provides that guidance.

The cool color palette of a moderate surf blue, a deeper ocean blue and a grounding gray are subdued with the use of gradients to provide momentum, calm and serenity that appeals to the target senior community and also ties into their location near the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to creating a new logo, Identity Brand + Design has also provided Pacific Christian Senior Services with:
• Website Design & Development (