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Life in Progress Case Study

Life in Progress Career & Executive Coaching experienced a 25% increase in sales since the implementation of its rebrand.

Life in Progress, Career & Executive Coaching
Located in Wayne, Pennsylvania
Ed Hunter, MBC, PCC; Founder and Head Coach

Life in Progress provides private, confidential career coaching for individuals and groups by coaching the whole person, integrating each individual’s business goals with their most important life goals.
As a coach, my role is to help create a safe space where my clients can get back in touch with their own wisdom. Whether the issue is career choice, starting a business or developing executive gravitas, it all begins with trusting what you already know. – Ed Hunter

Target Market & Clients
Two distinct client groups: individuals and organizations. Individual clients consist of those seeking career choice, job search , career change, career advancement & business building. For-profit and not-for-profit organizations retain the client to develop and/or deliver workshops, executive coaching, consulting, and out placement. Industries include, but are not limited to: pharmaceutical, engineering & construction, higher education, and community development.

Create an overall cohesive, look and message that serves the dual purpose of maintaining a high level of professionalism to attract more corporate/executive level clients; while retaining the approachability factor that stresses life balance for the career coaching clientele.

A series of in-depth interviews were conducted with the client to determine the needs, goals and vision for the scope of the project, which evolved over the course of a few months. Research and studies of the client’s current loo k and overall message were assessed and compared to that of potential competitors. From there it was determined that in order to differentiate from the competition, the client needed to connect with the target market on the emotional level while retaining a high level of professionalism. The rebrand needed to be fresh, clean, modern, and in still some elements of the client’s personality to make the emotional connection with the target market.

Tools Implemented
Company rebrand & message, including logo and tagline; website revamp; blog look & launch; email marketing campaign look; social media look customization; business cards.

Logo Visual Study
Life in Progress logo study When comparing the new logo to that of the previous incarnation, we see that the new logo is more graphically balanced in font weights and kerning. A more appropriate visual element is applied in the form of a “path” that symbolizes the two targeted markets, as well as plays a dual role to show evolution and change (via color). The refined fonts are more clear, clean and modern. The adjustment of the burnt orange from the original to a brighter orange shows creativity and hints at a more fresh approach of the client to his audience, and the blue appeals to the more corporate side and professionalism. The incorporation of a definitive tagline helps to clearly define the message and complete the overall look.

We created a clean, functional, easy-to-navigate site that has been very effective. The home page serves as a portal for viewers to choose between individual career counseling and organization counseling options to quickly get to what they are looking for. The graphics and message of each slider image speak directly to the viewer, connecting on the emotional level so that the viewer is put to ease and they are inclined to investigate the site further. Content is neatly organized for the viewer to scan through to pick out pertinent information quickly. Interactivity with social media throughout gives other options for the viewer to research. The call-to-action gives immediate access to contact forms to get in touch.

Other Elements
• Branded Blog Template
• Branded Email Marketing Campaign Template
• Business cards

Tangible Results
• 25% increase in sales since implementation
• More inquiries from corporations requesting executive services
• More inquiries from corporations desiring long-term services/training
• More inquiries for speaking engagements

Intangible Results
• Overall cohesive brand and strategy increased professionalism and appeal to higher level clientele
• Able to focus more clearly on target audience
• Website connects on a more personal level with potential clients (as one new client put it, ‘I read each message on every image and it was if you were speaking directly to me’…)
• Has taken the business to the next level

Since Identity Brand + Design implemented our new brand image and strategy (logo/tagline, print/marketing look/website) earlier this year, we’ve already seen a 25% increase in business.
– Ed Hunter, Life in Progress Career & Executive Coaching/Wayne, Pennsylvania