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LGK Case Study

LGK Marketing Communications Collective, Inc., experienced a 15% increase in sales and 35% increase in website traffic since the implementation of its rebrand.

LGK Marketing Communications Collective
Located in Boynton Beach, FL and Washington, DC
Gay O’Brien, founder & Principal; Leisa Chester Weir, Principal

LGK Marketing Communications Collective, Inc., is a national practice of communications consultants specializing in content development and execution, marketing and project management.

Target Market & Clients
LGK services clients in a diverse range of industries who need expert insight, application and execution of their marketing objectives. Previous clients include those from the entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, legal, non-profit, real-estate, retail, risk management, sports and personal services sectors.

Rebranding is not neccessarily a challenge when dealing with a marketing communications practice. It is an opportunity to favorably position the company’s assets and reputation in the minds of the target audience. With that said, the goal was to create a look that visually represented their assets, professionalism and stellar reputation.

Working with a marketing communications practice as a client was a highly collaborative and detailed process. Research and studies of the client’s current look and overall message were assessed and compared to that of their competitors, as well as to their own projections and expectations. It was determined that the rebrand needed to be professional yet innovative; detailed yet intelligible.

Tools Implemented
Company rebrand including logo, color palette, style guide and new, responsive, comprehensive website.

Logo Visual Study
When comparing the new logo to that of the previous incarnation, we see that the new logo is much more bold and assertive. The new logo look and stylized shape was loosely based on the “text bubble” which is representative of communication. Using the simple Univers Condensed font balances the logo, makes good use of negative space and keeps the overall look compact and functional.
The analagous, synergistic color scheme of dark blue and teal appeals to the corporate, professional and polished target market without being dull or mundane, and appears crisp and clean when paired with white and light monochromatic tones.

We created a clean, functional, responsive site that has been very effective. Although there is a good amount of content throughout the site, it is neatly organized for the viewer to easily scan through and access quickly and seamlessly. Interactivity with social media, video/audio resources and blogs throughout the site work to further support LGK as a leader in the marketing and communications industry. The LGK look remains a constant throughout each page, achieving brand strength and continuity.

Tangible Results Since Implementation
• 15% increase in sales (5 new accounts)
• 35% increase in website traffic
• 40% increase in social media engagement

Intangible Results
• Cross-platform brand continuity and cohesiveness.

The Client’s Thoughts
We are confident that our rebrand successfully leverages the online and offline strength of what we say (client counsel) and what we do (services). In other words, as marketing communications professionals, we not only talk the talk, we walk the walk!

Identity Brand + Design has the creative intuition that allows them to “get it” immediately. In addition, they are practical, flexible and smart. I would not hesitate in recommending Identity Brand + Design.
– Leisa Chester Weir, Principal, LGK Marketing CC

As a business responsible for the marketing communications objectives of select national and international companies and nonprofit organizations, I turn exclusively to Identity Brand + Design to execute the image, brand and graphic needs of my accounts. I highly recommend Identity Brand + Design for its creative expertise, strategic marketing approach and demonstrated ability to deliver projects on time and on budget.
– Gay O’Brien, Principal, LGK Marketing CC