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Hope Fulfilled logo

Hope Fulfilled International is a ministry located in Southern CA that provides assistance in the areas of disaster relief, grief counseling, guidance, Bible education, shelter, food, clothing, health care and medical assistance.

The logo was inspired by the act of providing hope to those in need. A leaf is used to symbolize a tree and growth. The leaf shape is copied and manipulated to form the wings of a butterfly, symbolizing evolution. The combined look shows growth, strength, evolution and beauty… making a very unique and symbolic icon. Utilizing a handwritten script font ties into the curves of the icon, creating more movement and unifying the look as a whole. This abstract, simplistic and symbolic direction with the bright and bold color palette grabs attention and will appeal to most demographics with the emphasis on the younger generations to gain their involvement and support.

Using a bright and bold color palette creates a modern feel while grabbing attention. Balance is achieved through color – green tones providing an overall warmth to the cooler blue tones. Use of gradations not only give more dimension and movement, but also serve to symbolize the essence of gradual evolution. The text in dark blue is not only used to anchor the look and display strength, but also to give a more professional feel and appeal to corporate sponsors.

In addition to custom logo/tagline design & development, Identity Brand + Design has also worked with Hope Fulfilled International, on:
• Brand Development
• Business Cards
• Website Design & Development