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Encore Perception Marketing logo

Encore Perception Marketing provides marketing consulting and coaching for small business entrepreneurs in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

The logo was developed based on the idea of taking the steps necessary to achieve a goal, to become “a star” in business. In this metaphorical application, the small star represents the client standing atop of the highest step, representing that the goal has been reached. The larger star represents and enforces the notion of achievement, directly tying into the tagline of “Making your business the star.” The font, Optima, looks more sophisticated and professional, yet the varied line weights give it a more approachable feel.

The color combination of purple and gold exudes strength, confidence and presence, with the addition of black to give it some depth. As a whole, the logo is reminiscent of what you would see in Hollywood… the stars on the walk of fame, dressing room doors, etc.

In addition to custom logo design & development, Identity Brand + Design has also worked with Encore Perception Marketing on:
• Business Cards